Data Science with a Product Management Mind Set.

Sprint 2 — The Team

I am an ML product manager sharing my perspective based on my own experience in software products. This is part of series to explain to aspiring Data Science professionals what is like to work in a product role. The start of the series is here.

Data Scientists, Product Managers, Developers and QA all contribute to the success of the software product with data science elements. Icons from
  • Dev team- Focuses on the implementation of the product feature, including the model as part of the solution.
  • QA- Ensures that the implementation is built right.
  • design patterns for re-usable code
  • testable code
  • maintainable code
  • monitoring performance
  • security protocols…
From Hidden Technical Debt in Machine Learning Systems, Sculley et al.

An ML product manager. Bio on LinkedIn. Opinions expressed are my own.